Treasury Management Services

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What Makes Us Different?

We take our time to make an assessment of your business needs to make informed recommendations. We offer free onsite visits to determine what services best suit your business, set up and implementation, and training for your employees.

Make the most of your working capital with greater control.

Our Treasury Management Services help you effectively manage working capital that is critical to maintaining the day-to-day needs of your business. Our solutions are backed by experienced treasury management professionals who are dedicated to understanding your business and providing customized solutions. Explore our various Treasury Management Services to see how we can help save you time and money.

Treasury Management services include:

  • Online Banking: Access your balances and transaction reporting and make transfers between accounts all in real time. Create customized reports, right at your fingertips. Process payments quickly and take advantage of online Bill Pay. No cost for checks or postage. QuickBooks® Download Ability.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Scan checks from your desktop and electronically deposit them into your bank account. Take advantage of quicker funds availability, daily deposits, online deposit image archive, and eliminate travel time and expenses.
  • Account Analysis: Qualified Balances can receive a competitive Earnings Credit Rate to offset the cost of banking services.
  • Wire Transfers: Send wire transfers from the comfort of your office domestically and internationally. Incoming wire transfers can be viewed on your system.
  • ACH Originations: Easily originate direct deposits for your employees, payments to your vendors, or tax payments.
  • Merchant Services: Easily process credit and debit card payments. Monthly statements delivered right to your inbox. Ask us about our Free Merchant Account Review.
  • Sweep Account: Automatically transfer excess funds from accounts into your interest-earning investment account at the close of each business day. If any accounts have short falls, funds can be automatically deducted from your interest-earning investment account.
  • Positive Pay: Daily matching of your checks paid vs. checks issued prior to final payment to detect check fraud. If a check doesn’t match, you have the choice to pay it out or return it unpaid.
  • Zero Balance Accounts: Zero Balance Accounts are ideal for companies who delegate specific accounts for their operating, payroll, petty cash, or other expenses. Funds are dispersed from a subsidiary account that maintains a zero balance. This account reduces administrative expenses and increases investment opportunities.
  • Account Reconciliation Services: A more efficient way to reconcile your bank statements and monthly transactions for businesses that issue a high volume of checks.
  • Lockbox Services: Lockbox services eliminate the time and expense of processing remittances in-house while optimizing the amount of cash you have available to fund operations.

Treasury Management Features

Customizable to your specific needs

Create the package of services that work best for your business. Segment and delegate specific solutions to your staff based on their roles and responsibilities.

  • Implement only the services and modules you need. No excessive services or modules. New services can be added as you need them.
  • Use a dual control system
  • Nickname all of your accounts for easy identification
  • Check deposit customization – invoice numbers, apartment number, etc.
These security features are included:
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Dual Control processes
  • A required token for ACH and wire transfer processing for increased security
  • Daily Activity Emails
  • Easy segregation of controls of financial responsibilities
  • Automation of your daily activity record-keeping