2023 Annual Report: Community Banking – Inside and Outside of the Box

We Meet Challenges with Experience and Confidence

There’s never a time when a bank ­­– or any business – can relax and rest on its laurels. Of course, we never have. Our summary of 2023 captures how we navigated the ever-changing demands of our economy and our industry itself.

We Have the Resources and Talent to Look Forward with Optimism

Our bank is about people – our customers, our employees and community. We remain proud to be a mutual bank, serving our loyal customers and our common community. In the annual report, you will see some of the people who make up our Northwest Community Bank “family” and more. Plus, you will see messages from our leadership team, information on the bank’s operations and updates on the ways we support the community through reliable service, volunteerism and financial contributions.

While addressing needs and fulfilling plans for 2024, our annual report is a concise overview of highlights of the past year that shapes where we are today.

We Invite You to Take a Moment to Review our 2023 Annual Report

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Annual Report 2023